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Brief instructions

The K.A.R.L.® - Online - WebApp offers you the possibility to determine your current location by means of the automatic positioning (GPS etc.) of your mobile device. In order to use automatic positioning, you must allow the WebApp to access these location devices. Depending on the operating system of your mobile device, different operating steps are necessary.

In the following these steps are briefly illustrated for the most common operating systems iOS and Android.

Since a large number of versions of these operating systems are currently in use, we have to refer to the respective help pages of the operating system for detailed explanations.

Location Services iOS

In the central "Settings" of the iOS system, you will find the "Privacy" section. There you find the subsection "location services". These must be activated. Further down the page, the permission to access the location services can still be specified for individual apps. The K.A.R.L.® - Online - WebApp runs in the web browser of your system (on iOS by default "Safari"). Therefore, access must be allowed to the browser you want to use.

Location Services Android

In the settings, the option "Location services" or "GPS access" must be activated.