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K.A.R.L.® (Köln.Assekuranz Risiko Lösungen)

Storms, floods, heavy rain, hailstorms - the effects of global climate change are becoming increasingly drastic. In addition, there are rare, but extremely ruinous events such as earthquakes, tsunamis or volcanic eruptions.

This is accompanied by:

  • a rapidly growing international trade in goods
  • branch offices of globally operating companies in almost every corner of the world
  • increasing values of goods stored in ports and operating premises.

All this results in a steady growth of potential targets for natural hazards which strike with - in some cases - existential-threatening consequences. In particular the security of global supply chains plays a decisive role here: if a supplier fails, the production stands still; possibly even for extended periods of time.

We are committed to recognizing such risks at an early stage, to be able to classify them economically and to draw the right conclusions from them.