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More about K.A.R.L.®

With this WebApp you gain access to K.A.R.L.®, the NatCat analysis system by KA Köln.Assekuranz Agentur GmbH (KA).

For each location worldwide, K.A.R.L.® can determine the risk from natural hazards:

  • earthquake, tsunamis and volcanism
  • flood and storm surge
  • storm and tornado
  • hail storm
  • climatic conditions and water availability
  • snow load

For that, K.A.R.L.® needs the geographical coordinates of the location, that shall be analyzed:

  • Please press "Use current location". Prerequisite is that you have allowed the WebApp to use your location information and the GPS receiver of your mobile device is activated
  • For a different location, you can enter its address, from that the WebApp determines the corresponding coordinates
  • Under the input fields for address and coordinates is a map where you can check whether the correct location has been found

In order to obtain the analysis result, you need to proceed as follows:

  • Enter your e-mail address to which the report is sent (report recipient)
  • The e-mail address or at least the company-domain must be registered at KA
  • Accept the general terms and conditions of KA
  • Optionally, you can add a photo of the investigated location for the illustration of the result report
  • Click on the Button „Get report“

After a few minutes, a detailed analysis report will be sent to the specified mailbox. This gives you a quick overview of the location, which prevents you from accidently overlooking a risk.

Whether a hazard becomes a risk depends on certain environmental conditions and the sensitivity of potentially affected buildings, goods or installations. Example: An earthquake can hardly hurt cars parked outside, but they are endangered by hail. In a building or under a shelter it is exactly the opposite. Such detailed results and information are provided by the following K.A.R.L.® offers:

K.A.R.L.® PRODetailed online analysis of a siteK.A.R.L.® EXPERTAnalysis is made by scientific staff of the K.A.R.L.® teamK.A.R.L.® PORTFOLIOAnalysis of a larger number of sites

Further information about K.A.R.L.® can be found on the Website of KA Köln.Assekuranz Agentur GmbH or contact us at team.karl@koeln-assekuranz.com.

With us, you gain decision-making and planning certainty for loss-prevention concerning natural hazards at existing or future locations, branches and production sites.